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See, Hear, Party

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Make your own music video in a few steps with See, Hear, Party.

Enter four words of the things you'd like to see, then enter a link, artist, or genre of music. Then once you're ready to party, a series of gifs related to your entries will show over your sleected music.

  • 10.29.14
  • Found In: Inspiration
  • Tagged: gif, gifs, music, party, soundcloud, youtube
  • Posted By: Lindsay McComb


Hex clock

Image for Hex clock

This sleek clock will display the local time in 24-hour format, sure. But it also uses the time as a hexadecimal color code for the background.

It goes the whole 24 hour range from #000000 to #235959, so it stays a bit dark. For a brighter version, check out

  • 10.29.14
  • Found In: Code, HTML, Design
  • Tagged: clock, color, design, hex, html
  • Posted By: Lindsay McComb


Maps of the world from 3000BCE to present

Image for Maps of the world from 3000BCE to present

Can't exactly remember the layout of eastern Europe around the fall of the Soviet Union? A bit rusty on your geographical knowldege of Mesopotamia?  Worry not, for has a map for any era you could possibly want.

GeaCron lets you search in certain areas or specific cities throughout history and all over the globe. It also displays historical battles and areas that were contested. You can move through time by year, decade, or century and watch, or choose a specific year.

  • 10.27.14
  • Found In: Design, Inspiration
  • Tagged: geography, history, maps
  • Posted By: Lindsay McComb


NeonMob: Discover digital art

Image for NeonMob: Discover digital art

For seasoned digital art collectors or those looking to start collections of their own, NeonMob is the perfect place to start. 

Get started with a free collection pack and continue to get freebies every day. Trade and share with others and maybe even get lucky and get exclusive rare prints not available anywhere else! 

  • 10.27.14
  • Found In: Inspiration
  • Tagged: art, digital, discover, inspiration
  • Posted By: Lindsay McComb


A Soft Murmur: Ambient sounds

Image for A Soft Murmur: Ambient sounds

Sometimes a little peace in quiet is too much and you need some ambience. A Soft Murmur lets you customize a choice of background noises to fit your needs.

Using volume sliders of different categories, you can perfectly simulate a range of things; from simple white noise to a crowded coffee shop by the ocean during a rainstorm.

A Soft Murmur is available in your web browser or on any Android device.

  • 10.24.14
  • Found In: Inspiration
  • Tagged: ambience, android, app, white noise
  • Posted By: Lindsay McComb


Milkshake: create a playlist and listen with a friend

Image for Milkshake: create a playlist and listen with a friend

At, you can create a playlist and listen to it with a friend in real-time. 

Barring actual human contact, this is a great way to share some tunes and make sure your friend actually listens to it this time. Just submit a link from a YouTube video or a Soundcloud song and start it up.

  • 10.23.14
  • Found In: Inspiration
  • Tagged: chat, inspiration, music, social media, tech
  • Posted By: Lindsay McComb


HTML5 model of the solar system

Image for HTML5 model of the solar system

While not entirely scientifically accurate, this HTML5 driven simulation of the solar system is certainly beautiful.

Click the “Trails On/Off” button to watch our planetary neighborhood become a beautiful palette of color. Or create your own and cover the screen with your own imaginary solar system.

  • 10.21.14
  • Found In: Code, HTML
  • Tagged: astronomy, html, html5, solar system
  • Posted By: Lindsay McComb


Colorful Gradients: Computer generated gradients

Image for Colorful Gradients: Computer generated gradients

A collection of nearly 5000 different color gradients, Color Gradients is a perfect resource for those looking for interesting or unique color combinations.

  • 10.15.14
  • Found In: Design
  • Tagged: art, colors, design, gradients, tumblr
  • Posted By: Lindsay McComb


Let the best name win

Image for Let the best name win

Need help coming up with a name for your new [insert business venture here]?

Try BootName, why not? Write a brief summary of what your business or website or whatever is about and let the community share suggestions. And if the hivemind lets you down, there's not pressure to use the name, since the whole thing is anonymous.

  • 09.29.14
  • Found In: Business, Inspiration
  • Tagged: business, crowdsourcing, web, website
  • Posted By: Lindsay McComb



Image for Anicons

Anicons is "an easy to use, extendable and customisable icon library for motion designers, video editors and anyone else involved in the moving image industry."

Put simply: really cool, customizable, animated icons. Also, affordable.

Buy it once and get all the updates forever.

  • 09.26.14
  • Found In: Design
  • Tagged: after effects, design, downloads, icons
  • Posted By: Lindsay McComb

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