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Rackspace Email Setup Tool

Image for Rackspace Email Setup Tool

Have an email account hosted by Rackspace that you need to set up? Or do you host your clients sites and email accounts at Rackspace and need to send them email account set up info?

Check out this tool: a way more friendly way than an FAQ on setting up your email account on all major operating systems, apps and devices.
You only need to know your username (email address) and password.

It walks you through the rest of your email client set up – and even auto-detects some things, like your operating system.

Very nifty, and surely beats typing up instructions for clients about setting up email.

  • 05.24.13
  • Found In: Business
  • Tagged: email, rackspace
  • Posted By: Susan Snipes


Contrast Ratio for Accessibility

Image for Contrast Ratio for Accessibility

Very cool -- and fun to use -- tool that shows the contrast ratio for text on background color. This tool lets you use different color spaces, including transparency. Great for testing conformance to WCAG 2.

  • 03.21.13
  • Found In: Design, Typography
  • Tagged: accessibility, css, tools, wcag 2.0, web design
  • Posted By: Susan Snipes


Job Interviews: interviewer types and situations

Image for Job Interviews: interviewer types and situations

How to succeed in job different job interview situations. This infographic illustrates different types of interviewers and situations. Plus some tips.

  • 03.12.13
  • Found In: Business, Tips
  • Tagged: infographics, information graphics, interviews, jobs
  • Posted By: Susan Snipes


Tubesnack: Custom video players

Image for Tubesnack: Custom video players

Yes, you can have a better custom video player! With Tubesnack you can also create, share and embed playlists. Plus it has a fun name.

  • 03.07.13
  • Found In: Design, Inspiration
  • Tagged: tubesnack, video
  • Posted By: Susan Snipes


Posters of favorite painful client quotes

Image for Posters of favorite painful client quotes

These posters include beauties like "I really like the colour, but can you change it." Here are some classic client quotes visualized in poster format. I'm sure you've heard many of these lines from clients a time or two. If you haven't seen these yet, you must! They are hilarious.

  • 02.21.13
  • Found In: Business, Business Process
  • Tagged: clients, funny, posters, quotes
  • Posted By: Susan Snipes


The Web Design Process Illustrated

Image for The Web Design Process Illustrated

It takes a lot of work to make a website. This illustration shows that process in colorful, intense detail. (plus interactive!) If you're a web designer, developer or project manager, this is for you!

  • 02.20.13
  • Found In: Business, Business Process, Code, Code Process, Design, Design Process
  • Tagged: poster, process, project management, web design, web development
  • Posted By: Susan Snipes


Pretty IP

Image for Pretty IP

Pretty IP turns your IP address into a "lovely colour palette".

  • 02.19.13
  • Found In: Design, Logo/Identity
  • Tagged: color, ip address, palette
  • Posted By: Susan Snipes


PHP The Right Way

Image for PHP The Right Way

The site aims to be the best source for new PHP programmers -- providing best practices and lots of "good" resources. So newbies won't be led astray by the questionable stuff infesting the internet.

  • 12.12.12
  • Found In: Code, PHP
  • Tagged: best practices, php
  • Posted By: Susan Snipes


Type Worship

Image for Type Worship

Like hero worship, but type worship. Samples, interviews, reviews, posters, and anything related to gorgeous and interesting typography.

  • 12.11.12
  • Found In: Design, Typography, Inspiration, Favorite Sites
  • Tagged: inspiration, typography
  • Posted By: Susan Snipes


Troubleshooting HTML emails

Image for Troubleshooting HTML emails

16 tips for figuring out why your HTML email doesn't look or work right. (from Litmus)

  • 09.06.12
  • Found In: Code, HTML, Tips, Code Tips
  • Tagged: email, html, testing
  • Posted By: Susan Snipes

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Susan Snipes

Owner and principal of Q Digital Studio

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Susan Snipes is the owner and principal of Q Digital Studio. Friends of Susan used to call her Susie Q, Miss Q, or just Q.  The nicknames may not have stuck, but that infamous letter Q became the namesake for Susan’s dream: her own business.  Now Miss Q is making a name for herself as a community-minded web entrepreneur and ExpressionEngine expert.

As a college student at Case Western Reserve University, Susan became interested in web design, and self-taught her way into a number of freelance gigs.  She left Cleveland with a degree in Art History and Architecture, but found her true calling in web design and development. Susan worked in New Orleans before migrating west to Denver, a place she happily calls home with her husband Corey and dog, Marla Muttlesworth.

Susan quickly achieved distinction in the Denver design community as a forward-thinking web developer whose work is both creative and consistent.  Q Digital Studio is founded on principals of sustainability and integrity, values that are near and dear to Susan’s heart.

When Susan’s not planning design conferences or fearlessly leading the Q Digital Studio team, she enjoys cooking and watching movies.

Follow Susan on Twitter @SusanSnipes.

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