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Spin.js creates dynamic spinners that can be used as a replacement for GIFs.

No images, no external CSS, and works in all major browsers. Also, Internet Explorer 6. Spin.js is highly configurable, resolution-independent, and doesn't require jQuery (though it is supported).

  • 05.30.13
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  • Posted By: Mike Wenger


Super Cool CSS3 Patterns

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The awesome power of CSS3 and creativity.

  • 12.07.12
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  • Posted By: Mike Wenger


Web Standards Sherpa

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Are you developing with standards? This is a great place to check things out and stay current.

  • 09.07.12
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  • Tagged: web
  • Posted By: Mike Wenger

Mike Wenger

Front-end designer and developer at Q Digital Studio

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Mike Wenger is a front-end designer and developer at Q Digital Studio. Mike’s design roots run deep – he’s got a degree in Visual Communications from the University of Dayton, and experience with both print and web design. He’s all about pushing the boundaries of thought process and finding new avenues for artistic growth. He loves both the analytic and creative side of front-end design; anytime he can use both is perfect for him.

Mike is a self-proclaimed outdoors fanatic and enjoys basically anything outdoorsy. This includes (but is not limited to) kayaking, cycling, backpacking, hiking, snow sports, and scuba diving. He and his wife, Nicole, recently moved from Ohio, and love the laid-back lifestyle Colorado has to offer. Along with their two dogs, Chloe and Summit, Mike and Nicole are enjoying life and living at a nice pace.

If Mike had to describe himself in 140 characters, he would do so thusly: “One word, passion. I live, work and breathe it. I live every day to the fullest, do for a living what I enjoy most, and love every moment.”

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