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Desmos: Free, beautiful math

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Desmos promotes universal math literacy, aiming to make math neither tool dull or too hard for any student to explore. To achieve their vision, Desmos has started building a better graphing calculator to visualize any equation and form lines and parabolas.


How to add a Yelp badge to your site

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Yelp is an amazing tool for attracting new customers and reaching out to your regulars. If your business is on Yelp (and we highly recommend that you get on there), you can add a Yelp badge to your website.

This simple tutorial from Jimdo will run you through all the steps you need to get on Yelp and get that HTML badge on your site.


Redirect lots of domains with htaccess

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Oh man, I needed to do this today, and this example was so concise and perfect it made me overjoyed!

Use this when you have a bunch of domains forwarding to your main domain and you want to 301 redirect all of them to the www version of your main domain. 301 redirects (permanent redirects) are the good ones in terms of SEO.

Basically what it's saying is: For all domains that are NOT your main domain, redirect to your main domain. (e.g. redirect or to


Hardware pixels vs reference pixels

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Pixels aren't what they used to be. Scott Kellum explores new pixel definitions, different implementations on various mobile devices, and how to handle the resulting issues. From A List Apart.


HTML5 Please

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Reference on using, cautiously using or avoiding various HTML5 and CSS 3 features, with fallbacks and requirements.

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