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AnonySurfer offers free website proxy access to anonymous and private internet browsing through a remote IP (hidden IP) address. According to the site, it allows users to surf anonymously, send anonymous emails, use VPNs on both computers and devices and create anonymous proxies.


Desmos: Free, beautiful math

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Desmos promotes universal math literacy, aiming to make math neither tool dull or too hard for any student to explore. To achieve their vision, Desmos has started building a better graphing calculator to visualize any equation and form lines and parabolas.


Take me back to

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If you want to know a little about what was going on in the past, look no further than Take Me Back To. Input a date and head back in time!

Take Me Back To displays old newspapers, popular movies and music, historical events, books, magazines, ads and more based off the date you enter.



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Dotmos is a research tool that helps students and journalists alike, find complete summaries of various topics, by pulling in information from websites, social media and custom APIs.


All the manuals

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While not exactly enthralling, ManualsLib is a very useful concept – an online library of manuals. Because sometimes Google just can’t get you there. 


Get your sleep schedule back on track

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Getting back to your regularly scheduled life after a long weekend can be tricky. (Happy Monday everyone!)

Next time try using to help figure out when you should be falling asleep so that you can wake up at the right time, feeling refreshed. Sleepy Time calculates the time based on 90-minute REM sleep cycles and helps you wake up in between them so that you don't feel groggy. 

And don't forget that the average adult takes 14 minutes or so to fall asleep, so do plan accordingly. 


Life IS a game

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All those years of video games have finally paid off. 

I mean really, life is all about gaining skills, developing strategies, and like, beating bosses, right?

This fun (and fairly accurate) look at the game of life by Oliver Emberton will definitely help you win at life.



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Your made-up email accounts have never looked so good.

MailDrop is free for anyone who needs a "quick disposable email account." For those times when you'd like to use a website, but not sure if you're ready to commit to giving them your real email address.

Best of all:

  • MailDrop has no signups.
  • MailDrop has no passwords.
  • MailDrop is designed for no security.
  • MailDrop is designed for little to no privacy.

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