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Feedient looks a bit like other social media apps - Hootsuite, Twitterific and the like - but a bit more stripped down. Though still in Beta, it looks like it has the potential to be nice personal use app for keeping your go-to social media accounts all in one place. It also has support in a number of languages.

If they add in a scheduling feature then they could really get some serious business usage.

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Good.Co is "a self-discovery platform and network" designed to help professionals discover their personality types and how these various strengths can be used in the workplace. 

The more questions you answer, the more "karma" you gain, and the more quizzes you unlock. Whether or not you're actually a "Mastermind" who should work at Microsoft, Good.Co offers some fun quizzes.


How police monitor your tweets

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BlueJay, the "Law Enforcement Twitter Crime Scanner," allows users (often police officers) to track all public tweets in real-time within a certain radius and focus on certain keywords.

Best, or worst, depending on how you look at it, the police can easily geolocate specific users, and monitor where and when said target is moving around town.


Hemlis, the secret messager

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"Secrets are only secrets if they are secret."

Hemlis, which means "secret" in Swedish is a new messaging app that keeps your messages secret. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Apple and Google share your information with advertisers and the government - and Hemlis wants to change that. They've created a messaging app that allows you to chat with others, and no one, not even the creators, have access to your data. Hemlis even promises that they "would rather close down the service before letting anyone in."


Tapgram helps you share how you’re really feeling, when you otherwise can’t

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Tapgram is a social service that helps people who can't otherwise express themselves do just that - express themselves.

Instead of writing or typing out responses, users can tap on large icons that represent moods and can tap more to up the level of severity. Users can choose from a variety of moods including happy, sad, mischievous, and groovy. Though still a bit rough around the edges, Tapgram seems like an excellent way to help people with communication restrictions share what's really going on - and share it on social media for loved ones to keep track. And that is pretty groovy.



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Don't have time for Craigslist or eBay? Sold is an app that sells it for you. Supposedly...

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