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Daily Show book list

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I watch the Daily Show, well, just about daily. And I often see an author or artist interviewed, and think "Man, I really want to read/watch/experience that." I was trying to find a particular book I'd seen featured a few weeks ago, and a very simple Google search revealed

And while it's not the most beautiful site ever, it does have the information I need, with much less scrolling around on Comedy Central's website.


Deleted (online) cities

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Installation video of the vast world of geocities - once important online real estate in 90s, then gradually abandoned and finally shut down. 10 years and 650 GB of data.


Most useful jQuery plugins of 2011

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The 50 most useful jQuery plugins of 2011. Grouped in categories: forms & validation responsive layouts, sliders carousels & galleries, modal windows, mobile, web typography, animation.


Design Envy

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A blog of design excellence curated by designers. Lots of great comments from designers too.


33 jQuery Carousels

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I know there are tons of collections of jQuery carousels, but why not one more? Just in case you haven't seen some of these yet...

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