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Dev Center connects Nigerian developers and designers

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Dev Center is a social media network created to "solve the visibility problem with Nigerian devs/designers. Everybody works in isolation and we don't know each other." Connecting in a local ecosystem is a great way to collaborate, get funding and share projects - a concept that's not only great for Nigeria, but for the whole world.



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Omive helps you find movies and TV shows, allowing you to search by different categories including genre, rating, actors, year, directors, keywords, and where you can stream it.


Share weather with Patch of Sky lights

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Patch of Sky is a set of three Internet connected lights that share your weather in real-time with loved ones by changing color and patterns. This is a beautiful way to keep in touch, especially considering how many conversations with my family consist of talking about the weather.

How it works: "Each object gathers weather information based on your current Facebook location and displays it with colored light animations."


Daily Show book list

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I watch the Daily Show, well, just about daily. And I often see an author or artist interviewed, and think "Man, I really want to read/watch/experience that." I was trying to find a particular book I'd seen featured a few weeks ago, and a very simple Google search revealed

And while it's not the most beautiful site ever, it does have the information I need, with much less scrolling around on Comedy Central's website.



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SmartyPins is a game that utilizes Google Maps and trivia. How it works: Choose a category, and read the question, and drop the pin on the correct geographic location. The closer you are the better, because you will be deducted for every “mile” off. Run out of miles and it’s game over. But don’t worry, you can always try again. And again and again.

Categories include Arts & Culture, Science & Geography, Sports & Games, Entertainment and History & Current Events. Bonus: When you get answers correct, the game includes cute messages of encouragement and funny GIFs like the Google Streetview guy dancing in a banana suit.

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