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Gameboy photography

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It was the year 2000. Gameboys had cameras, and photographer David Friedman captured New York City in its pixelated glory.

Once upon a time, this was the height of digital camera technology. We've come a long way, baby.



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Giphoscope is an "analog GIF player." And I'm not saying I don't need one in my life, so much as I didn't know I needed one in my life until now.

Based on the Mutoscope and all those old clickety-clackety Nickelodeon viewers, Giphoscope your favorite animated GIF can become a tangible and exclusive piece of art.


Pocket Printer

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How much would I be willing to pay to not have to run around looking for a printshop when I need to print something "really quick" when I'm out and about? I think $200 is about right. Zuta Labs in Israel is developing a robotic pocket-sized printer that Roombas its way across your paper to print what you need, when you need it.

Sure, the technology isn't totally figured out yet, and the print quality is still being improved upon, but there's some real potential here. I can't wait to be able to print on all kinds of paper sizes (home poster printing!) But mostly, I can't wait until I ca dropkick that clunky desktop printer that always has a "jam in tray 2" out the window. Or go all Office Space on it.

The Kickstarter ends May 10, 2014.



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Thingful is "a discoverability engine for The Public Internet of Things."

Basically, (and I use that term loosely, because it seems like a pretty complex system) Thingful provides a map of "things" that are connected to the Internet. Things like weather stations or animal trackers, or energy monitors. What makes this project so interesting is that it doesn't simply display the "what"  and "where," but also includes the "who" and "why."


Food Maps

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Maps made up of their country's iconic foods! So awesome, yet so artfully stunning! 

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