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The Landscape Alphabet

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The British Museum  has a beautiful collection of Charles Joseph Hullmandel's hand-drawn landscape letters. Hulmandel was an important figure in 19th century Brisith lithography. 

According to Wikipedia, he "developed a method for reproducing gradations in tones and for creating the effect of soft colour washes, which enabled the printed reproduction of Romantic landscape paintings" like the kind that J. M. W. Turner popularized.


QuickCast: 3 minute screencasts

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QuickCast is a Mac app (with Windows in beta) that allows you to "record your 3 minute micro masterpiece" complete with its very own URL and embed code.

Why only three minutes? It's just about the perfect length for a quick screencast.


Hello Ruby

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Hello Ruby is a children’s book and workbook designed to teach basic programming through stories and kid-friendly activities. Ruby is a young girl with a big imagination, and her adventures are aimed to help 4 to 7-year-olds understand programming logic and culture. The idea comes from Linda Liukas, programmer and cofounder of Rails Girls.

The Kickstarter runs through February 22, 2014.


Create online writing portfolios with Contently

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Contently was created by a bunch of "journalists and nerds" who saw the rise of freelancing as traditional journalism has changed. The platform is designed to help talented creators showcase their work and get connected with publishers.

Contently's mission is: 

Help journalists build careers doing what they love.
Help brands become compelling publishers.
Help journalists and brands connect and tell great stories.

I think I might just sign up.



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Web-cam based tracking and real time rendering of characters means that gaming got a whole lot more real. Or wait, maybe even less real? FaceRig is motion caption for the masses, a "program enabling anyone with a webcam to instantly embody any character they want."

Support the Indiegogo fundraiser, through February 5, 2014.

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