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SmartyPins is a game that utilizes Google Maps and trivia. How it works: Choose a category, and read the question, and drop the pin on the correct geographic location. The closer you are the better, because you will be deducted for every “mile” off. Run out of miles and it’s game over. But don’t worry, you can always try again. And again and again.

Categories include Arts & Culture, Science & Geography, Sports & Games, Entertainment and History & Current Events. Bonus: When you get answers correct, the game includes cute messages of encouragement and funny GIFs like the Google Streetview guy dancing in a banana suit.


OhLife: Your email journal

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OhLife in a nutshell is your email diary. 

Sign up, and choose the days you want OhLife to email you. The emails will ask you about your day, and prompt you to write. When you reply, OhLife automatically saves and organizes what you wrote. It's not really a social network or a blog, but a private, and an interesting way to record your life.


Get your sleep schedule back on track

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Getting back to your regularly scheduled life after a long weekend can be tricky. (Happy Monday everyone!)

Next time try using to help figure out when you should be falling asleep so that you can wake up at the right time, feeling refreshed. Sleepy Time calculates the time based on 90-minute REM sleep cycles and helps you wake up in between them so that you don't feel groggy. 

And don't forget that the average adult takes 14 minutes or so to fall asleep, so do plan accordingly. 


How to avoid humans

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Agoraphobics welcome.

Want to go out, but need some alone time? Avoid Humans is a web-based app that analyzes check-data from FourSquare and Instagram and determines the areas in your place with “the least amount of humans.”The app is color coded to indicate the current level of check-ins/human presence and is divided into four categories: nightlife, food, coffee and refuge. 

No word on how to avoid crowded places with bad WiFi reception.


Call me Ishmael, maybe?

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Call me Ishmael is a website that invites visitors to call in and “Leave a voicemail about a book you love and a story you’ve lived.” Ishmael transcribes and shares some of the best stories each week. And don’t worry. It always goes straight to voicemail.



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Speed read the web, one word at a time, with the Squirt bookmarklet (not to be confused with the app for hooking up).

How does it work?

  1. Simply drag the Squirt bookmarklet into the bookmark bar of your browser of choice (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).
  2. Visit a webpage you would like to read, and click on the Squirt bookmarklet.
  3. Squirt will display the words in an overlay using "Optimal Recognition Point,” or ORP, a technique that keeps your eye focused on a single spot, and thus allowing you to read at speeds ranging from 200-1,000 words per minute (WPM).


TransProse: Music from literature

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TransProse is a project that programs the basic emotions of a novel into a musical piece that "holds the same emotional feeling." The music is not really beautiful, and sort of reminds me of practice etudes, but it definitely is on to something when it comes to evoking emotion by playing with tempo, key and note structure.

TransPose suggests that you listen for the following:

  • The octave represents the difference between joy and sadness 
  • Shorter notes correspond with more emotionally dense areas of the novel
  • More emotion means more dissonant notes



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Seascroll is a fun and funky site that lets anonymous users draw on photos together, share positive thoughts and answer random questions.

There are some real gems over in the Treasury.

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