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Let the best name win

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Need help coming up with a name for your new [insert business venture here]?

Try BootName, why not? Write a brief summary of what your business or website or whatever is about and let the community share suggestions. And if the hivemind lets you down, there's not pressure to use the name, since the whole thing is anonymous.


Create collaborative playlists with Playlistful

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Tired of fighting over who gets to control the party playlist? Well squabble no more! Playlistful lets users create their own mobile playlists, and then picks fairly between all of them, drawing from YouTube.

How it works:

  1. Set up a computer to your sound system.
  2. Go to and click "Start a party."
  3. Send your friends the link and have them create song lists on their mobile devices.
  4. Party.

Of course, Playlistful can't do anything about that one guy that always wants to play Wonderwall.


Program your world with Arduino

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Arduino is a programming platform that allows anyone from a professional programmer to a DIY hobbyist to play around with electronics and make your world more interactive.

According to the website, Arduino is a “an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for anyone making interactive projects.” According to me, this is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. And I spend hours a week hunting for cool stuff on the Internet.



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Summer may be winding down, but that doesn't mean you can't keep on dreaming about that road trip. With Roadtrippers, you can plan a route, find accommodations, explore attractions along the way and take detours. It also allows you to add different stops and destinations along the way, choose dates for different legs of your trip, and it even has a calculator that estimates how much gas will cost.

It has an international feature, but it seems like the data is primarily geared toward road trips in the US and Canada.


Dev Center connects Nigerian developers and designers

Image for Dev Center connects Nigerian developers and designers

Dev Center is a social media network created to "solve the visibility problem with Nigerian devs/designers. Everybody works in isolation and we don't know each other." Connecting in a local ecosystem is a great way to collaborate, get funding and share projects - a concept that's not only great for Nigeria, but for the whole world.



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Omive helps you find movies and TV shows, allowing you to search by different categories including genre, rating, actors, year, directors, keywords, and where you can stream it.


Share weather with Patch of Sky lights

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Patch of Sky is a set of three Internet connected lights that share your weather in real-time with loved ones by changing color and patterns. This is a beautiful way to keep in touch, especially considering how many conversations with my family consist of talking about the weather.

How it works: "Each object gathers weather information based on your current Facebook location and displays it with colored light animations."

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