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TransProse: Music from literature

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TransProse is a project that programs the basic emotions of a novel into a musical piece that "holds the same emotional feeling." The music is not really beautiful, and sort of reminds me of practice etudes, but it definitely is on to something when it comes to evoking emotion by playing with tempo, key and note structure.

TransPose suggests that you listen for the following:

  • The octave represents the difference between joy and sadness 
  • Shorter notes correspond with more emotionally dense areas of the novel
  • More emotion means more dissonant notes



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Seascroll is a fun and funky site that lets anonymous users draw on photos together, share positive thoughts and answer random questions.

There are some real gems over in the Treasury.


Gameboy photography

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It was the year 2000. Gameboys had cameras, and photographer David Friedman captured New York City in its pixelated glory.

Once upon a time, this was the height of digital camera technology. We've come a long way, baby.



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Giphoscope is an "analog GIF player." And I'm not saying I don't need one in my life, so much as I didn't know I needed one in my life until now.

Based on the Mutoscope and all those old clickety-clackety Nickelodeon viewers, Giphoscope your favorite animated GIF can become a tangible and exclusive piece of art.

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