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Mini museum

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The mini museum is "a portable learning tool, a smart and rare ice breaker, and a wonderful piece of historical art. Great for folks aged 7 to 122 and completely safe and non toxic." Now I'm not sure exactly what they have against 123-year-olds, but the mini museum does seem fun and inspiring for the curious and curious at heart.

Each curio includes tiny fragments of items in resin, including things like a T-Rex tooth, a piece of the London Bridge,  Mammoth Hair and sand from Waikiki.


Fixed fights parking tickets

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Fixed is an app that helps you fight parking tickets. Simply take a picture of the parking ticket, upload it, and the experts at Fixed "take care of the rest." Seems like a fine idea and all, but if you win, Fixed does charge 25% of the ticket charge. 

You may not have anything to lose, but it definitely looks like it's a win-win for the folks at Fixed.


Emotions of Sound

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Emotions of Sound takes users on a journey through sound associations. The project was designed to help explore the psychology of certain sounds and their emotional associations.

Though I think I was doing something wrong, because almost all of the sounds made me feel annoyed. Try it out, and see how you compare to others.


Life IS a game

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All those years of video games have finally paid off. 

I mean really, life is all about gaining skills, developing strategies, and like, beating bosses, right?

This fun (and fairly accurate) look at the game of life by Oliver Emberton will definitely help you win at life.


The Landscape Alphabet

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The British Museum  has a beautiful collection of Charles Joseph Hullmandel's hand-drawn landscape letters. Hulmandel was an important figure in 19th century Brisith lithography. 

According to Wikipedia, he "developed a method for reproducing gradations in tones and for creating the effect of soft colour washes, which enabled the printed reproduction of Romantic landscape paintings" like the kind that J. M. W. Turner popularized.

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