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Osteoid 3D printed cast

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Osteoid is a prototype 3D-printed cast that uses ultrasound to heal your bones 40% faster. Best of all, it's got room to breathe, and looks like it'd fair much better getting wet than traditional plaster casts. 



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BOLT is the world’s smallest portable USB wall charger/rechargeable battery. Well, that's what it says on their website, anyway. I'll corroborate that later.

It's a charger and battery back-up all in one, and works with most devices that charge via USB, including smartphones, tablets and mp3 players. 


Food Maps

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Maps made up of their country's iconic foods! So awesome, yet so artfully stunning! 


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"The more people love your posts, the further they spread."

Share your thoughts, feelings, pictures and emoticons with your friends anonymously with Secretly. Though there are other apps out there that allow friends to anonmously post their images and videos (see: Ether) what makes Secretly cool is that the more people like your thoughts, the more people it gets share with. 

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