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"Cats and type, together at last."

Helveticat is a fun feline font created by Bethany Lesko for the crazy cat lady/ type nerd in your life.


Panera 2013 Holiday Designs

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I love all of the festive designs companies roll out this time of year. Panera picked Willoughby Design to design their festive goods this year. Stunning pieces of work with a playful twist!


Library of Flowers

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Library of Flowers is a local Colorado small batch perfumery with amazing package design. Check out their website to look at more of their pretty products and to purchse some, if you'd like! 


ToyMail helps you stay connected to the little cuties in your life

Image for ToyMail helps you stay connected to the little cuties in your life

I know what I'm buying for the kids and kids at heart in my life.

ToyMail is a toy and app that lets you send messages and stay connected without adding more screentime.

1. You'll need one of ToyMail's digital Mailmen (or you can just use the app, but that's not as fun).
2. Download the ToyMail app to your phone and connect your adorable Mailman to WiFi.
3. Record a message and send it.
4. The Mailman will "snort, wheeze, or whinny" to let kids know they have a new ToyMail message, and then they can respond right from their toys.

ToyMail is being funded through KickStarter.


Smartphone gardening

Image for Smartphone gardening

With Fliwer, you can "plant and play." 

Fliwer is a sensor that takes the guess work out of caring for plants. Inside, outside, large or small - Fliwer can monitor the vital status of plants and their environments, letting you know about soil moisture, temperature, humidity, light, and mineral balances - and you can manage it all through the power of the Internet.

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