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Cost of popping the question at a MLB stadium

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Ever thought about this? Or had any idea how much the prices varied from? This cute little infographic will give you a better idea. Luckly, at our hometown spot Coors Field it is quite affordable compared to some! Happy 2014 MLB season!


Mini museum

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The mini museum is "a portable learning tool, a smart and rare ice breaker, and a wonderful piece of historical art. Great for folks aged 7 to 122 and completely safe and non toxic." Now I'm not sure exactly what they have against 123-year-olds, but the mini museum does seem fun and inspiring for the curious and curious at heart.

Each curio includes tiny fragments of items in resin, including things like a T-Rex tooth, a piece of the London Bridge,  Mammoth Hair and sand from Waikiki.


Panera 2013 Holiday Designs

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I love all of the festive designs companies roll out this time of year. Panera picked Willoughby Design to design their festive goods this year. Stunning pieces of work with a playful twist!


“Knock” to unlock your Mac

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Knock is an app that keeps your Mac locked up until you literally knock on your iPhone.

You don't even need to open the app. Seriously. Just knock on your phone twice (yep, even in your pocket) and using Bluetooth Low Energy, the app communicates with your Mac and voila! How successful this app is in securing your Mac remains to be seen. But I guess I can't "knock it until I try it." Right? Anyone?



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"One Coin for All of Your Cards" 

If you are wishing you didn't have to sit on a brick of a wallet all day long (guys, I am looking at you) or ladies, if you would like your purse to be lighter - then this "card" is for you! Less cards to tote around! 

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