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Let the best name win

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Need help coming up with a name for your new [insert business venture here]?

Try BootName, why not? Write a brief summary of what your business or website or whatever is about and let the community share suggestions. And if the hivemind lets you down, there's not pressure to use the name, since the whole thing is anonymous.



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Dotmos is a research tool that helps students and journalists alike, find complete summaries of various topics, by pulling in information from websites, social media and custom APIs.

VISIT LINK » An app for job quizzes

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Good.Co is "a self-discovery platform and network" designed to help professionals discover their personality types and how these various strengths can be used in the workplace. 

The more questions you answer, the more "karma" you gain, and the more quizzes you unlock. Whether or not you're actually a "Mastermind" who should work at Microsoft, Good.Co offers some fun quizzes.


Pirate Pad

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Pirate Pad is a free, collaborative online text editor (Like Google Docs). What makes it so interesting though, is that no account is required. Simply invite other users to the document and collaborate in real time.


All the manuals

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While not exactly enthralling, ManualsLib is a very useful concept – an online library of manuals. Because sometimes Google just can’t get you there. 


Mad Mimi

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Want to send super simple email newsletters with a little bit of sass? Give Mad Mimi a try. The free plan allows you to have 2,500 contacts and send 12,500 emails per month. The other options seem to grow exponentially in price, but come with support and unlimited storage and various features.

I don't love Mad Mimi's branding, but I do love the minimalistic templates.

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