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Feedient looks a bit like other social media apps - Hootsuite, Twitterific and the like - but a bit more stripped down. Though still in Beta, it looks like it has the potential to be nice personal use app for keeping your go-to social media accounts all in one place. It also has support in a number of languages.

If they add in a scheduling feature then they could really get some serious business usage.



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First things first: Opbeat has an amazing header image on its home page.

Secondly, it offers an interesting product for developers: an ops platform designed to extend your workflow and work with your code and your team.


This tiny device could save your life

Image for This tiny device could save your life

Prana is a piece of wearable tech that tracks posture and breath. According to the site, "Prana supports the interconnection between good breathing and good posture for many healthy benefits including reduced stress, better focus, and less back pain."

Seeing as I spend about 100% of my time breathing and like 50%+ of my time sitting at work, Prana might be worth looking in to.


Simply Wall St

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Simply Wall St is designed to help you make non-emotional long term investment decisions on high quality stocks through data visualization.

Using a “snowflake” approach, Simply Wall St shows companies’ overall value, income, health, past and future.


Rijks Emotions

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Rijks Emotions is a project that matches emotions with paintings that hang on the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam.

Using Chrome of Firefox, take a photo. Rijks Emotions will then match your face and expression to pieces of art in the museum. I gave it a whirl, and while I'm not a 33-year-old male, I definitely was registering surprise on my face when I took the picture.

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