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See, Hear, Party

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Make your own music video in a few steps with See, Hear, Party.

Enter four words of the things you'd like to see, then enter a link, artist, or genre of music. Then once you're ready to party, a series of gifs related to your entries will show over your sleected music.


Hex clock

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This sleek clock will display the local time in 24-hour format, sure. But it also uses the time as a hexadecimal color code for the background.

It goes the whole 24 hour range from #000000 to #235959, so it stays a bit dark. For a brighter version, check out


Maps of the world from 3000BCE to present

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Can't exactly remember the layout of eastern Europe around the fall of the Soviet Union? A bit rusty on your geographical knowldege of Mesopotamia?  Worry not, for has a map for any era you could possibly want.

GeaCron lets you search in certain areas or specific cities throughout history and all over the globe. It also displays historical battles and areas that were contested. You can move through time by year, decade, or century and watch, or choose a specific year.


NeonMob: Discover digital art

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For seasoned digital art collectors or those looking to start collections of their own, NeonMob is the perfect place to start. 

Get started with a free collection pack and continue to get freebies every day. Trade and share with others and maybe even get lucky and get exclusive rare prints not available anywhere else! 


Let the best name win

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Need help coming up with a name for your new [insert business venture here]?

Try BootName, why not? Write a brief summary of what your business or website or whatever is about and let the community share suggestions. And if the hivemind lets you down, there's not pressure to use the name, since the whole thing is anonymous.

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