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Das Keyboard

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Das Keyboard 4: it feels so good, you won't want to stop. Or so it says. According to the site, Das Keyboard combines the "tactile feel, the psycho-acoustic experience and incredible craftsmanship" to give users one heck of a typing experience.


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"The more people love your posts, the further they spread."

Share your thoughts, feelings, pictures and emoticons with your friends anonymously with Secretly. Though there are other apps out there that allow friends to anonmously post their images and videos (see: Ether) what makes Secretly cool is that the more people like your thoughts, the more people it gets share with. 


Cost of popping the question at a MLB stadium

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Ever thought about this? Or had any idea how much the prices varied from? This cute little infographic will give you a better idea. Luckly, at our hometown spot Coors Field it is quite affordable compared to some! Happy 2014 MLB season!


Debugging faster with Pesticide

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CSS can be tricky, especially if you're trying to find that one little bug Pesticide helps you search and destroy by placing an outline on every element, thus helping you figure out just what the heck is going on with your code.


Branding Bad

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Jeremy Loyd created a logo for each of the eight final episodes of the hit AMC television show Breaking Bad. Though Breaking Bad wrapped up awhile ago, I thought this project was worth a share. Not only because it was so fantastic and well-designed, but also because if enough people see this, then maybe we can convince him to make logos for the rest of the episodes.


Paper Buddy

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The geniuses at Mail Chimp are at it again. Now you can download your very own paper buddy, complete with landscapes and ping pong accessories. "Why?" you ask. Because why not?

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