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Good.Co is "a self-discovery platform and network" designed to help professionals discover their personality types and how these various strengths can be used in the workplace. 

The more questions you answer, the more "karma" you gain, and the more quizzes you unlock. Whether or not you're actually a "Mastermind" who should work at Microsoft, Good.Co offers some fun quizzes.


Bluetooth speaker powered by candlelight

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Pelty is kind of amazing, and is most definitely going on my Zombie Apocalypse Survival List. Pelty is a Bluetooth speaker powered by fire.

How it works: Thermodynamics and a little thing called the Peltier effect. The Peltier effect basically means that electric current is created when electrons move from one material to the other with the help of temperature differentials. So basically, science.

This will go great with my handcrank phone charger.


Pirate Pad

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Pirate Pad is a free, collaborative online text editor (Like Google Docs). What makes it so interesting though, is that no account is required. Simply invite other users to the document and collaborate in real time.


Information is beautiful

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Spark your curiousity and learn something new. Whether or not you geek out for infographics and data visualization, there's something for everyone at Information is Beautiful.

The website is dedicated to "distilling the world’s data, information and knowledge into beautiful, interesting and, above all, useful visualizations, infographics and diagrams." 

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