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AnonySurfer offers free website proxy access to anonymous and private internet browsing through a remote IP (hidden IP) address. According to the site, it allows users to surf anonymously, send anonymous emails, use VPNs on both computers and devices and create anonymous proxies.


Desmos: Free, beautiful math

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Desmos promotes universal math literacy, aiming to make math neither tool dull or too hard for any student to explore. To achieve their vision, Desmos has started building a better graphing calculator to visualize any equation and form lines and parabolas.


Take me back to

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If you want to know a little about what was going on in the past, look no further than Take Me Back To. Input a date and head back in time!

Take Me Back To displays old newspapers, popular movies and music, historical events, books, magazines, ads and more based off the date you enter.


NameChk: Check for username availability

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Sometimes someone nabs your favorite username before you do. Fortunately you can now check if your username is available at over 150 popular websites. Simply type your username into the search bar and it will determine if it is taken on sites like YouTube, Facebook, reddit, Pintrest and more.


TV news archives

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TV News Archive allows users to explore and search for TV news programs. By repurposing closed captions, the search enables users to find transcripts and short clips from TV news programs.

Available for free, TV News Archive is an excellent resource to understand context and evaluate facts of important news broadcasts.


Art and art history: Smarthistory

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According to their website, Smarthistory is the leading open educational resource for art history. With over 600 and hundreds of articles provided by experts in in their ares of expertise, Smarthistory provides an excellent introductory art history education to anyone around the globe.

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