An ode to Passpack brought to you by META Q

An ode to Passpack

I love Passpack.

Mostly because I forget a lot of things. Like constantly. I also have like five million log-ins. It's a bad combination, really. And since I don't want to be hacked every three days, I can't use the same password over and over again.

And here's where Passpack always saves the day. Sweet sweet Passpack. Better than my memory, and "more durable than paper."

Oh Passpack, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

I don't know how many times I've forgotten my Skype password. Seriously, I'm like usually auto-logged in, so in the rare times I do sign in -- Passpack.

I have a domain name. And sometimes I need to log-in to check on things. Like once every two years. And when I do -- Passpack.

I use PayPal from time to time. And since PayPal is basically just buying stuff on the Internet with one password, I do like to have a nice secure password. And secure passwords are usually hard to remember, but I don't have to because -- Passpack.

Sign up. Log in.

Add passwords. Save passwords. Repeat as necessary. It takes two passwords to get in, but I can remember two if I don't have to remember 98 other ones.

Add friends if you want, honestly I don't. Let's keep this between you and me, Passpack, OK? 100 passwords and free free free. Pay a little more for other options, if you're business-minded. 

I can't count how many times Passpack has saved me, reminded me of number and letter combinations forgotten, and helped me log in to Pinterest that one time. It's a life saver.

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Lindsay McComb

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Lindsay McComb is a writer and content specialist at Q Digital Studio. She's a wordsmith with a wicked sense of style and a serious case of Wanderlust. Lindsay can be found tweeting at @themetaq and off-the-clock (and at all hours) at @lindsaymccomb.




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Susan Snipes

Yup, I use passpack all the time, just about daily. The more computers can remember stuff for me the better. My brain space is limited!

(And I’m one of those rare people that *doesn’t* use the same password for everything :)


I prefer the cloud password manager IntuitivePassword, because the service is very stable and reliable, in spite of many other password keepers. With IntuitivePassword you can securely save and organize your passwords with ease.

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