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Susan Snipes

Owner and principal of Q Digital Studio

Susan Snipes is the owner and principal of Q Digital Studio. While her old nicknames of Susie Q, Miss Q or just Q may not have stuck, that infamous letter Q became the namesake for Susan’s dream job: her own business.  Q Digital Studio was founded on principals of sustainability and integrity, values that are near and dear to Susan’s heart. Follow Susan on twitter @SusanSnipes.

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Laura Riegel

Print and Web Designer at Q Digital Studio

Laura Riegel is Q Digital Studio’s print and web designer, originally hailing from Kentucky.  She happily calls Colorado home, as Denver perfectly suits her hobbies of skiing, camping and mountain biking. Equal parts creative and practical; Laura loves the challenges and joys of both designing and coding.

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Lindsay McComb

Writer and Content Specialist at Q Digital Studio

Lindsay McComb is a writer and content specialist at Q Digital Studio. She’s a wordsmith with a wicked sense of style and a serious case of Wanderlust. Lindsay can be found tweeting at @themetaq and off-the-clock (and at all hours) at @lindsaymccomb.

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Holly Gerard

Designer at Q Digital Studio

Holly Gerard is a designer at Q Digital Studio who creates for both print and web. You can bet that she’ll make it look amazing, whether it’s on-screen or off. When Holly doesn’t have her designer’s eye at work on a project, it’s usually behind the lens of a camera. Like a true Coloradan, Holly enjoys crafting up a good homebrew, rocking out to good music, baking something tasty, and/or trying the new eateries around town. As such, she’s quite the Yelping pro.

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Terris Kremer

Front-end developer at Q Digital Studio

Terris Kremer is a front-end developer at Q Digital Studio. While he may joke that both front- and back-end developers are dweebs, Terris really does make development look cool.  For Terris, work is a game that he can (and does) play all day long.

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Clinton Reeves

Back-end developer at Q Digital Studio

Clinton Reeves is a back-end developer at Q Digital Studio. He is a self-proclaimed nerd and happily embraces said nerdiness. He lives his life in a world of text (code code code), and even dreams in code. Clinton’s day isn’t complete without at least eight cups of coffee.

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Mike Wenger

Front-end designer and developer at Q Digital Studio

Mike Wenger is a front-end designer and developer at Q Digital Studio. Mike’s both a left brain and a right brain kind of guy, and as such, enjoys a nice mix of design and development work. He loves being able to flex his creative muscles and work on his analytical skills. When he wants to flex his physical muscles, Mike likes to spend time in the great outdoors – hiking, biking, backpacking and kayaking.

Guest Contributors

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Corey Snipes

Father, Founder, Upright Bassist

Corey Snipes is a member of the EE Pros Network, and started working with EE in 2007. He’s a proud and involved father, technology entrepreneur, and upright bassist living in beautiful Denver, Colorado. He believes technology and business can be a force for good in the world, and does his best to make that a reality.

Corey has been the primary founder or co-founder of several organizations including: his college fraternity, an on-site computer repair business, a Colorado nonprofit technology meetup, a web development firm, an online volunteer tracking application, and a smartphone tour application for visual art.

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David Precht


David Faroz Precht is a writer and business marketing strategist at Q Digital Studio. David writes graphic novels and comic books. He has contributed to and The Onion’s AV Club. He has a constant desire to rewrite everything he writes and a true love for all kinds of awkwardness. He will commit to any joke, no matter how unfunny.